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Get Fit to Golf can fix your swing
ICGB Golf Biomechanics Course
Get Fit to Golf can fix your swing

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FIX YOUR SWING with Get Fit to Golf -

Get Fit to GolfThe unique ChiroFit Program is an online interactive golf health and fitness program that determines what physical body faults are directly effecting your biomechanics and golf swing and helps eliminate them with a tailor-made program to your own specific needs.

To find out how this unique program works and how it has helped professional golfers, visit

International College of Golf Biomechanics (ICGB) -
International College of Golf Biomechanics ICGBThe ICGB was developed to educate golf instructors online, in a user friendly format about the fundamentals of golf biomechanics and how to apply the knowledge and concepts to their teaching to provide a well rounded service to their clients.

To keep up to date with the most current concepts of golf biomechanics and kinetics that are vital in golf teaching, the International College of Golf Biomechanics offers courses that are simple to understand and the information is easy to implement and integrate into your teaching.

Currently the ICGB is offering an introductory course in golf biomechanics created by chiropractor and golf biomechanics specialist Ron Burke D.C,D.O. and his team of researchers... "The Fundamentals of Golf Biomechanics for the Golf Teaching Professional".


The Australian Golf Teachers Federation, Melton Victoria -
Australian Golf Teachers Federation AGTFThe Australian Golf Teachers Federation was established to provide individuals interested in a career in golf to be trained and qualified as certified golf teaching professionals. Certification is available to anyone interested in teaching golf as a full time or part time profession. AGTF members occupy all aspects of the golf teaching industry in Australia including positions as teaching professionals at driving ranges, indoor facilities, and entrepreneurs that have established their own private teaching businesses. As ambassadors of the sport, the common thread that ties AGTF members together is a love for the game and a desire to add to its growth and popularity.


The Australian Golf Academy (AGA) Hong Kong -
Australian Golf Academy Hong KongThe Australian Golf Academy (AGA) Hong Kong has been setup to uniformly and efficiently train junior advancing and serious golfers to their highest potential.

At Australian Golf Academy we employ the American Golf Teachers method as a basis for the instruction and each individual is encouraged to develop a natural on plane action.

We don't concentrate only on swing mechanics but advance our students in other areas such as practice techniques, course management and tournament preparation.

AGA¡¦s teaching philosophy is to provide an environment of learning that encompasses all the other important areas of the game of golf apart from just the swing itself. Psychology, fitness and nutrition are all important in the long term prospects of any golfer.

If you are dedicated to your goals and ready to take your game to the next level, plan your training with a stay at Australian Golf Academy (AGA) soon.

Australian Golf Academy is an affiliated company of The Australian Golf Teachers Federation. (Member of the World Golf Teachers Federation)



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