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  • Online AnalysisWe analyse you through a series of simple surveys with self tests to determine your main posture and swing fault as well as the muscle problems contributing to these faults.
  • You will need an extra person to help make observations during the assessment process.
  • We target the underlying problems causing your swing faults.
  • Your very own personalised ChiroFit Program is developed to help strengthen your weaker areas...which will ultimately improve your swing!

Once you have become a member, you will have access to our personal assessment area where we can build up your personal biomechanical and physical profile for analysis. You will need a friend to help you make observations with the self-assessments.

Sample Assessment Tests

The following are 2 sample tests from the the self-assessment surveys. The radio buttons in these samples are not active.

Sample Test 1 (Posture test for Back area)

Stand with your back to your partner and close your eyes and march in place four or five times, then stand in what feels like your normal posture. Have your partner look at the bottom of your ears and determine if one side is lower than the other. Holding a ruler from the bottom of each ear, as seen in the example to the right, will make it clearer for you to make the observation. Please select an option below:

Left side is lower
Right side is lower
No side is lower

Sample Test 2 (Muscle test for Shoulder Flexibility)

In this test you will be reaching above with one arm and with the other arm reaching behind and seeing if you can touch fingers as shown above. 

left test
right test
Could touch fingers
Could not touch fingers
Could touch fingers test
Could not touch fingers


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