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Get Fit to Golf Video Tour

Not sure about what this program can do for you and how it all works.? Well take a video tour and let the creator of the ChiroFit™ Program, chiropractor Ronald Burke DCDO explain it all to you.

The video tour has been broken into 5 convenient parts with each video, (in AVI DivX format), concentrating on a different process within the program. If your computer does not have the appropriate DivX codec you may have to download one to view the videos.

Click on the "Part Number" to download (save to your computer) or view (open) each video. In total there is approximately 7 minutes of video tour footage that explores how the Get Fit to Golf ChiroFit Program analyses your golf swing, posture and muscle weaknesses and produces a personalised solution to correct your golf swing and physical faults.


These videos can also be viewed through which may be quicker than downloading the files below.

To view videos Parts 2 - 5 through www. CLICK HERE>>

NOTE: A fast internet connection (e.g.. Broadband, ADSL ) is advisable as the videos can take a while to download.

Video Tour

Click on each
Part Number to
Download AVI Videos or click on YouTube to view at


AVI 9mb = 1min40secs

Golf & Health Assessments
AVI 5.3mb = 43secs